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Russia Peterhof Palace
Europe Accessible for All - Italy Rome - Tourists by wheelchair at Trevi Fountain

Europe Accessible for All – Rome Tourists at Trevi Fountain

Europe accessible for All means accessible tourism, inclusive tourism, tourism for all …
All the ways of defining the possibility for everyone to travel and to visit the Old Continent!

A warm welcome to all travelers with disabilities.
AccessiblEurope helps people who have not lost the enthusiasm and curiosity that drives them to travel.
AccessiblEurope helps people to explore and to do so in total comfort and safety.

Why to travel?
Whoever wants, despite everything, to overcome the barriers that reality places on his path to live a full life knows that:
– Traveling is one of the most complete and rewarding experiences for man.
– To travel makes peoples closer and makes it easier for peoples to understand each other.
– To know, to discover, to taste and 100 other verbs that enrich life and make it worth living and remembering.

Why AccessiblEurope?
AccessiblEurope was born over 25 years ago to make tourism easier for people with disabilities, using a wheelchair, a mobility scooter or any other kind of aids or assistance.
It has helped thousands of people travel around Europe and other continents with the greatest possible comfort and inĀ  full safety with its tours and trips.

On the pages of AccessiblEurope (and of the partner sites and AccessibleAsia) you will find:
Programs organized directly by us
Programs organized by operators specialized in accessible tourism
These operators in their countries, are leaders in organizing trips for people with reduced mobility or other needs special.
Operators that you might have a hard time finding online or knowing if the tours are reliable or not.

AccessiblEurope, with its over 25 years of experience, has evaluated all the programs it offers online and will be at your side for all your needs.

There are no limits to your imagination and freedom, AccessiblEurope will look for accessible accommodations, transport and attractions everywhere.
It will find guides, companions and assistants to help you visit and discover the places you want, no matter how remote or inaccessible they are.

For every wish or dream, do not hesitate to contact us and, together, we will make it a beautiful journey … in Europe accessible for All!
AccessiblEurope Team

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