Accessible Italy - Siena - Piazza del Campo

Accessible Italy – Siena – Piazza del Campo

Services accessible group tours with tour leader : Most of the operators that deal with accessible tourism offer “tailor-made” trips based on the demands and needs of customers, there are few examples of standardized accessible packages.
Customer needs are extremely personalized and therefore packages produced “in series” are difficult meet the special needs of travelers with reduced mobility.

For these reasons, group travel with a companion is also rare.
There are some types of accompanied group travel:
1) In some European countries the operators offer accessible tours with departures on fixed dates with escort in English.
We know of programs in the UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia but the list varies every year and new programs they are added while others are not re-proposed.
Every year we publish a page of the site with a list of the proposals we are aware of with dates and price.
On request we can send the detailed program.
For 2020 here is the list of programs, most of which have been canceled due to the COVID-19.

2) Trips to third countries organized by foreign operators for their customers.
Many specialized operators throughout Europe organize accompanied trips for their customers.
The possible destinations are many,
Keep in mind that they are accompanied and guided (during visits) in the language of the country to which they belong the operator and that most of the participants will come from the same country.
These trips depart from cities and airports in the operator’s country and therefore one-way transfers will be requiredand return connection with the place of departure of the trip.
If you want to know the existing travel proposals, please ask us by reporting the period and the destination also the language in which you would like them to be accompanied.
We will do our best to send you proposals.

3) Trips organized by associations for their members.
They are open to people who are part of the association although generally anyone has the opportunity to associate.
Each trip or stay has a different organization and different characteristics that are typically related to disability that the association deals with.
Participants are usually accompanied by a family member or friend.
Some associations provide travel companions and the disabled person generally bears the costs of the companion.
These trips are off the beaten track and therefore hard to find.
AccessiblEurope does not deal with these types of trips.

Surely there are many other realities in Europe that go beyond this schematic subdivision.
Accessible tourism is largely organized by small local organizations working for themcommunities to which they provide, in addition to tourism, other services connected with the daily life of people with disability.
AccessiblEurope rarely has contact with these realities and therefore we do not offer these types of services tourist.

For detailed information and quotes about “Services accessible group tours”please contact us and write to:
AccessiblEurope Team

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