Services guides tourleaders nurses: These professionals can make a difference for your trip.
Even if the hotels and transport will have been perfectly accessible, what will remain most impressed will be the
visits to the cities and monuments, the tourist assistance of the companions and the personal assistance of nurses and carers.
Being able to count on trained professionals attentive to your needs can make your trip unforgettable.


Services guides tourleaders nurses - guide with tourists by wheelchair

Services guides tourleaders nurses – guide with tourists by wheelchair

Guided tours and excursions in the traveller’s language are the very essence of tourist travel.
The guides, especially in Western countries, are professionals, almost always graduates in Art or History, in possession of a license to carry out the activity of tourist guides.
They are the only professionals authorized to provide explanations within monuments, museums, palaces and other tourist attractions.
However, the guides, in general, do not have a specific preparation regarding the special needs of customers with reduced mobility or other disabilities.

AccessiblEurope always tries to work with guides who have previously accompanied its

Guided visit inside a Museum

Guided visit inside a Museum

customers so that they have gained the necessary experience to choose the most accessible routes to make the visit more enjoyable for our customers.
And that they know how to direct our customers to activities and paths that are accessible during their free time.

People who speak the language of the customers and who generally take care of the welcome and reception services of customers upon arrival at airports or in other similar situations where the first contact with a new country takes place.

AccessiblEurope uses them wherever the arrival presents critical issues or where they are expressly requested by customers.

Accompanying persons:
We are often asked by disabled travelers who do not travel with family or friends to provide a companion to accompany them on the trip and provide assistance, in some cases even personal.

AccessiblEurope does not have personnel trained to carry out this task and cannot recommend people who, without  having any specific certified preparation, propose to accompany our customers on their travels.
Professional guides are obviously available, with experience gained in accompanying groups of tourists on the road.
Generally they do not have specific expertise relating to the needs of disabled people, they do not provide personal assistance except for logistical assistance connected with travel and tourism.

Nurses & Caregivers:
It is different if we are asked for the service of a paramedic, a nurse or a caregiver for specific personal assistance services.
We can provide personal and nursing assistance through the staff of companies that provide these services.
Normally this type of service is provided on a local basis, i.e. in each city of the trip the staff will be different

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