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About Us and Accessible Tourism: AccessiblEurope was created in the mid-90s of the last century.

A new type of customer has started asking for accessible tourism

The requests included all disability (motor, sensory and psychic) but also other problems such as food allergies, …
Also requests for personal assistance (elderly, non self-sufficient people, families with children and people on dialysis).

Millions of people have had the opportunity to travel in comfort and safety to get to know places, cultures and peoples of other countries, increasing the degree of life satisfaction and the realization of their dreams.

After an initial period, at the end of the 80s, in which we began to respond episodically to the requests that came to us from Italian associations and people with reduced mobility, starting from the 90s with the spread of the Internet we opened ourselves to Europe and the world.


AccessiblEurope was born in 1995 with the aim of responding to these growing needs.
In January 1997 AccessiblEurope was the only Italian operator to participate in the 1st World Congress organized by the Society for Accessible Travel &  Hospitality (SATH)



in Miami Beach, Florida.
AccessiblEurope has participated for many years in the annual conventions held in Florida.

Vatican: Inside Vatican Museums

Italy Rome Vatican Museums Inside Visit

Accessible Tourisms is our job and we do it with passion and dedication, always looking for new destinations and more services accessible.
Now most of the accessible tours are  “tailor-made” trips.
Something is changing  and the results will be more competitive prices without sacrificing accessibility.

New services and new operators are born all the time, and always promising perfect accessibility!

We honestly believe that “perfect accessibility” does not exist.
Aware of this fact the best we can guarantee is to be honest, to inform our customers carefully about the services that await them, do our best to organize the most accessible trip, in line with the reality of the country visited.

Have a good trip accessible to all !!
AccessiblEurope Team

About AccessiblEurope

AccessibleEurope is an Italy based organization that has been dealing with accessible tourism for over 25 years in Europe

AccessibleEurope is part of a network of websites addressed to accessible tourism: for Europe especially for Italy for Asia

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