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AccessiblEurope was created in the mid-90s of the last century.

The request for Accessible Tourism was beginning to be perceived, the first hints of interest in it appeared development of a new type of tourism products and services aimed at a clientele who desiredto travel in the same percentages that millions of people in the Western world wished.

Even those who had problems associated with some form of disability (motor, sensory, intellectual, psychic, …) but also allergies or intolerances, or needed personalized assistance (people elderly, non self-sufficient, families with small children, people on dialysis or with other needs therapeutic, …) had to have the opportunity to travel because to know places, cultures and people of others Countries was increasingly felt as an important and indispensable part of a fulfilling life.

After an initial period, in the late 1980s, in which we began to respond episodically to requests that came to us from Italian Associations and individual  with reduced mobility, starting from the 90s with the spread of the Internet we have opened up to Europe and the world.

In 1995 we created AccessiblEurope with the desire to respond to the expectations of millions of Westerners.

In January 1997 AccessiblEurope was the only Italian operator to participate in the 1st



World Congress organized by the Society for Accessible Travel & amp; Hospitality (SATH) in Miami Beach, Florida.
Since then, AccessiblEurope, as a member of SATH, for many years the only Italian referent, has participated in the most conventions that are held annually in Florida
SATH conferences were key moments to get to know and be known in this small world of tour operators specialized and become part of a worldwide network that offers services at the highest level of accessibility existing in every country.
For several years the SATH has reduced its activity, the last congress was held in 2011; but the “community” of accessible tourism professionals who had structured itself over 25 years ago are still working to make it possible for all accessible travel and holidays.

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This is our job and we do it with passion and dedication, always looking for new destinations and more services accessible.
A job, at the moment, made up mostly of “tailor-made” trips; but also of trips packaged by operators serious and reliable that are, little by little, creating the conditions for accessible tourism to evolve and be able become a tourist product like all those found in the catalogs of Tour Operators.
This means more competitive prices without sacrificing accessibility.

New services and new operators are born all the time, and always promising perfect accessibility!
We honestly believe that “perfect accessibility” does not exist.
Aware of this fact the best we can guarantee is to be honest, to inform our customers carefully about the services that await them, do our best to organize the most accessible trip, in line with the reality of the country visited.

Have a good trip accessible to all !!
AccessiblEurope Team