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AccessiblEurope, like the sister sites AccessibleItaly and AccessibleAsia, are extremely rigorous on the accessibility of the accommodation facilities offered to their customers.
All the structures have been visited and their accessibility, both in the common areas and in the rooms specifically adapted for use by people with reduced mobility, has been carefully evaluated.
Either by the AccessiblEurope team (AccessibleItaly or AccessibleAsia) or by the teams of partner operators whose programs are offered on the group’s websites.

Services hotels accessible accommodations - Accessible bathroom

Services hotels accessible accommodations – Accessible bathroom

The basic requirements for AccessiblEurope are that the accommodation facilities are barrier-free in public spaces
and that they have 1 or more accessible rooms equipped with the characteristics required by Western laws.
Whether the rooms themselves can be reached directly from the lobby or that, if they are on the upper floors, there
are elevators large enough for a technological chair with at least 1 companion
The bedroom must be adequately spacious to allow internal movements and, very importantly, the bathroom must be
equipped with a roll-in shower (or walk-in shower) with supports and a folding seat, the toilet bowl must be accessible to at least one side, have tilting supports or at least a bar fixed to the wall.

In some cases the structures are also equipped with accessible swimming pools, accessible beaches, …
Italy: Tuscany accessible bathroomThe accessibility of the beach, for resorts and tourist villages, is one of the aspects that we investigate.
Some hotels also have rehabilitation and therapy centers.

Having said that honestly, after many years of experience, we are led to say that the 100% accessible facility does
not exist; a problem, more or less impacting, can almost always be encountered.
Those who design and those who invest do not have in-depth knowledge of the needs of customers with reduced
mobility, the laws are also quite incomplete and often allow exceptions.
However, usually the problems are not insuperable and the availability of the hotel staff allows you to overcome them and enjoy an “accessible” holiday.

Services hotels accessible accommodations - Medical bed with hoist

Services hotels accessible accommodations – Medical bed with hoist

In addition to hotels, there are also different residential types: bed and breakfast, pensions, guest houses,tourist farms, apartments, villas, … the hospitality market is expanding beyond belief and many “non-professional”  operators are taking advantage of the enormous commercial opportunities that offer the new types of online marketing.

Without wanting to demonize the structures of this type, which in some cases we use for our customers too, and the platforms that promote them, some of which correctly perform the task for which they were created, we tend to be
very suspicious because these types of structures are less subject to checks and verifications of real accessibility and also the judgments that can be found online, they are often of dubious credibility.

Thai Accessible Villa Toilette

We honestly believe that a hotel, a structure managed by professionals, is more willing to commit to making the stay more pleasant and accessible to our customers.

However, the topic of “accessible hospitality” is so vast, articulated and differentiated that it cannot be addressed in a few lines …


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