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Services Equipments rental

Services Equipment rentals

Services equipment rentals is one of the services AccessiblEurope arrange for its customers travelling around Europe

Accessible vehicle rental without driver:

Services equipment rentals - Accessible vehicles to rent without driver

Services equipment rentals – Accessible vehicles to rent without driver

The demand for accessible vehicles, which can be rented without a driver, is increasing but the vehicle fleet is limited.
The companies that rent this type of vehicles are generally small companies except for the sporadic presence of the large global rental companies.

So it is difficult to be able to start the rental in one location and finish it in another.
Especially if you want to drop off it in another country unless you pay high delivery and collection costs (sometimes higher than the cost of the rental itself).

Our the advice is to first worry about the vehicle to rent and, based on what you find to organize, the flights and other services.

Accessible vans with the possibility of accommodating different numbers of people sitting on seats or in wheelchairs (Respecting the maximum number of people transported of 9 people including the driver) are found in almost all European countries: Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta and more.

Accessible campers and motorhomes:

There is also the possibility to rent accessible campers and motorhomes but they are very

Services equipment rentals - Accessible motorhome with lift

Services equipment rentals – Accessible motorhome with lift

few, very expensive and available in a few European countries.
They generally have 5 beds and internal accessibility is very poor.
Only people with small manual chairs and moderate residual mobility can use the spaces of an “accessible” camper, especially the toilets.




Car with manual controls:

Other vehicles requested are cars with manual controls.
It is possible to find them in many European; but also in this sector the renters are often small local companies that may have only 1 or 2 adapted cars.
The manual controls are generally very customized and produced by different companies in each country, there is no single model of manual controls and this can create problem to to drive.
The cars are generally small: Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta, Fiat Panda, … so the fact to place the folded wheelchair reduces the space for luggage.

Mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, medical beds, hoist,…

Upon request, and exclusively for our customers, who have booked tourist services through AccessiblEurope, we can rent aids in many European locations.
The availability of aids varies greatly from location to location.

Services equipment rentals - Mobility scooter to rent

Services equipment rentals – Mobility scooter to rent

While the most popular, such as mobility scooters or manual wheelchairs, other aids such as electric wheelchairs, manual or electric lifts, medical beds and other aids are available almost everywhere.
Usually a minimum rental duration is required, delivery and collection must take place in the same location and are not, usually, possible delivery and collection services in locations other than (and not adjacent) to the one where the company renting the vehicle is located. aid.
For the rental of medical beds, we must also consider the fact that not all hotels are willing to remove the beds in the room to make room for a medical bed, especially if the stay is short.

France: Medical Items & Mobility scooters rentals

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